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2018 Pre-School Summer Calendar

2018 Youth Summer Calendar

We use Google Calendars to provide you the most up-to-date calendar schedule and enable parents to synchronize the daycare calendar with the piece of technology the best matches each parent's needs! The calendar can be printed as necessary using the print function embedded with the calendar.

2017 Food Calendar for Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks

healthy fruit vegetablesPursuit of Balanced Nutrition

At Saint Luke's, Ms. Helen, our Chef, strives to provide each child with a balanced diet that meets all state and federal requirements where applicable.

Food Allergen Alert

We are a peanut-free center! We our extremely sensitive to your child's allergies and post in each classrooms each student's allergies by classroom noting those that are severe enough to require an EpiPen©. Each classroom posts a lists of children's allergies and severity for the teacher's reference.